About Fraser Dodds


Based in Strathaven Fraser Dodds has had an interest in woodworking all of his life. Since watching his grandfather undertake woodworking as a hobby Fraser's interest has now become a full time venture under the title of the Baldy Carpenter.

Fraser's style is, wherever possible to include the 'waney edge' of the timber in all of his pieces. Using locally sourced native hardwoods Fraser has been able to keep the wood miles of the products to a minimum while also giving the buyer the exact knowledge of where the timber was grown. Native Woods used include Elm, Beech, Sycamore, Yew, Maple, Ash, Oak, Birch and Walnut.

Fraser has developed his skills through the years producing occasional pieces for friends and family but now finds a renewed passion for expanding his portfolio.

Hand crafted waney edge furniture from Strathaven, Lanarkshire

Using locally sourced hardwoods

Fraser has kept the wood miles to a minimum while giving you the knowledge of where the timber grew

Looking for something unique?

All pieces are handmade in our workshop in Strathaven so specific needs are easily accommodated.

Waney edge furniture for your home

Learn more about the waney edge of wood and how it can add something unique to your home